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Home School Football Contact Drew @770-516-5664
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This page is dedicated to NCA, Northside Christian Athletics
and the Home School Football program.

On July 26 2001, I attended a home school convention at the First Baptist Church Woodstock where I me Joyce Malik for the first time.  Joyce was running the NCA booth when I asked the question..."Do you have football?"   "No" she said, "But we have been praying for a coach....will you be our coach?"
Nine days later we had our first practice with 18 boys.  It was difficult the first year playing in the established Geogia Christian Athletic League.  They had been playing footall for over 30 years in that league with some teams tripling our number of players.  The Lord honored my prayer of "Just one win".  We finished the season 1-6, but the word was spreading around the state.  Home School football was on the rise and Woodstock was the place to be.
Our second season started an influx of players thanks to a front page article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  We started the season with 28 players in 2002 and we could all feel the momentum starting to build.  The Lions went 3-7 our second season and by this time channel 2 and Fox 5 in Atlanta had started to cover our season.  The home school football dream had not only come true, it was here to stay and take a dramatic turn in 2004.
The 2004 season started not with one team, but with eight and the birth of the Georgia Football League. 41 boys showed up that first day knowing that there is now an opportunity to play for a championship.  Not just any chmapionship, but the first home school football state championship.  We also added cheerleaders to the program which allowed the sisters of some of the boys the opportunity to participate on Friday nights.
In no way do I take personal credit for starting this program.  The Lord truly used me as a vessel to accomplish his will.  He loved these boys so much that he honored their prayers and the desires of their hearts which was to play a simple game.....FOOTBALL!
Season III
#11 Brandon Davis, #70 Matt Breaden, #69 Josh Hartman, #77 Tent Paris & #53 Ben Bishop

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